Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is the difference between the WATERBOY™ System and a salt or potassium soft water system?

A. The difference between the WATERBOY™ System and a salt based system is that the WATERBOY™ system does not require any salt or chemicals. The disadvantages of a salt or potassium water softening system, is that it addresses only one problem, and that is the hardness of the water, it does not filter the water. Salt based systems remove calcium and magnesium minerals and exchange them for sodium chloride or potassium chloride. The result is that there is salt throughout the house, which you have to shower or bathe in, as well as the additives the city puts in the water. Drinking the salt water is not recommended, so a reverse osmosis unit is usually installed to remove the salt. A salt system requires lugging bags of salt or potassium and/or having an exchange unit that requires service people to enter your property on a regular basis. Another disadvantage that we hear from our customers, who have had salt systems, is that they have to replace their hot water tank every 3-5 years, due to corrosion.

Q. What kind of maintenance does it require?

A. There is no maintenance, no salt to add, and no filters to change for 10-15 years.

Q. What does the back wash control valve do?

A. The control valve automatically puts the unit into a back wash mode once a week, which repositions all filtration media, washes out all of the filters, regrades the beds and goes out a 1/2 inch PVC line to a lawn, garden or drain.

Q. Where does the unit get installed?

A.    Most units are installed close to the main water line, which is usually in the garage, or close to it.

Q. How much water is used for the weekly back wash?

A.  It depends on the size of system, between 25-40 gallons, once/week.

Q. Do I need a reverse osmosis unit?

A. No, the WATERBOY whole house system eliminates the need for any reverse osmosis unit, because there is no salt or potassium to remove.

Q. What are some of the economic benefits of the WATERBOY whole house system?

A.  • No salt or potassium to purchase.
• No maintenance costs.
• No reverse osmosis unit, which requires regular costly filter changes.
• Longer life for all appliances. (dishwasher, washing machine, hot water heater, etc)
• Extended life of plumbing, no replacing of calcified pipes or faucets.
• No water loss from reverse osmosis unit.
(they waste from 2 to 5 gallons for every gallon they make).
• No filter changes for 10-15 years.
• No monthly charges.
• No bottled water purchases

Q. How long does it take to install a WATERBOY System?

A.  A WATERBOY system takes 1-3 hours to be installed.

Q. How do you know when to change the filters?

A. The industry standard is that 1 cubic ft. (of granular active carbon) will effectively filter 1 million gallons of water. For example, the WB2000 has 1.5 cubic ft. of granular active carbon. The average family of 4 uses about 70 thousand gallons of water per year, excluding irrigation. This means that in 10 years 700,000 gallons of water would be used, and in 20 years 1.4 million. Since the WATERBOY 2000 will filter 1.5 million gallons, it would take over 20 years before the filters would need to be changed. If the filters are changed between 10-15 years, they are well within that range.

Q. What does the water taste like?

A.  Superior water tastes like mountain spring water, because the minerals are left in the water, which gives it a very clean and flavorful taste. As a matter of fact, many bottled water companies are adding minerals to their water to make it taste better.

Q. How do I know what size unit to order?

A.  There is a relationship between the water usage, size of the house (showers and baths) and the number of people living there. (If you go to the product description page, it will advise you on the appropriate size system for your home.)

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