How Does Carbon Clean Water?

How Does Carbon Clean Water?


If you are looking at water filtration systems, like our WATERBOY Whole House System, you will probably notice that most systems rely on something called “carbon filtering.” At Superior Water, we offer three stages of filtration, and activated carbon represents our third state of filtration. Carbon filtration helps us pull chlorine, heavy metals, and even microorganisms out of the water you drink. How does carbon do this?

Activated carbon is a special substance that possesses a very large surface area with many pores. When water is filtered through activated carbon, these pores trap pollutant molecules. Think of it as a very small colander. In fact, carbon is such a powerful filter, that it is also used in air purifying devices, too!

Of course, carbon can’t filter for everything, which is why our WATERBOY water filtration systems include two additional stages of filtration, including an internal sediment filter and a pharmaceutical grade filter of coconut shell, acid washed bituminous, and catalytic carbon.

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