Customers Love the WATERBOY

Customers Love the WATERBOY

Superior water is home of the Waterboy whole house water filtration systems in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.  It will leave you with clean and healthy drinking water. From skin and hair to softer clothes, you will be glad you had one installed in your home or office. See what a few of our happy customers that installed our whole house water filtration had to say.

When we put the Waterboy System in years ago, we also put a new hot water tank in our home.  I was going to have a new gas water tank installed at this time, but after discussing this with several people in the plumbing business I decided not to replace the hot water tank.  I verified the condition of our hot water tank and it looks as good as the day it was installed.  I believe the quality of the water produced by the Waterboy System has kept our hot water tank in good condition.  I would recommend this system to everyone.

Thank you for a great system,

Ron Brezic

Escondido, CA

Love our water system installed by Superior. . thanks for many  years of great service for us and now the upgraded Model! San Diego, CA

We have had a WATER BOY system for number of years and in that time we have had an uninterrupted supply of drinking water, and easily boiled water with very few worries about deposits in the pots. A superior water purification system ! !  John C. San Diego, CA

The Water Boy System from Superior Water is foolproof and flawless. I had my original system installed years ago and upgraded the system in 2009 to take advantage of the more efficient (water saving) purging/back flush cycle. Before using this system I struggled with the large bags of salt and heavy bottles of water. I now have an endless supply of the best tasting water on the planet. When bathing, doing laundry or running the dishwasher you will be amazed at how little soap it takes to get the job done. The dishes are spotless, the laundry sparkles and your body is free of that slimy, undissolved soap scum. Once installed, you do absolutely nothing to this system. It runs, it maintains itself and it produces the highest quality water you will ever encounter. Aly B. Temecula, CA

We’ve had our WaterBoy for over 7  years now. We recently upgraded to the newer model and will be adding the fluoride remover soon. We love the system, had it moved from one house to another, and have never had to think twice about it, it works perfectly – no maintenance! David M. Imperial Beach, CA