Negative Effects of Hard Water

Negative Effects of Hard Water

Negative Effects of Hard Water

Hard water deposits on faucetThe term “hard water” is somewhat misleading. The water isn’t actually hard in any sense, but it does contain dissolved mineral components, usually calcium and magnesium. When water contains a high concentration of these minerals, it can cause a wide variety of inconvenience and damage.



Oftentimes, hard water will leave behind stains with lots of usage. You may notice off-white stains in the shower, the sink, and toilet. These stains won’t come out with scrubbing, but vinegar can usually dissolve them away.

Cloudy Dishes

Hard water will leave a residue on glasses and dishware. It isn’t harmful, but it can be frustrating to pull your new wine glasses out of the dishwasher only to find them looking cloudy and dirty.


Hard water can even stain fabrics, which means your favorite shirt may wear out after only a couple of spells in the washer.

Damaged Pipes and Water Heaters

Hard water can cause some real damage where pipes and water heaters are concerned. When water is heated, the dissolved calcium deposits solidify. This buildup over time can shorten the life of expensive water heaters and the pipes that carry hot water.

For all these reasons, it is a good idea to address hard water issues in your home. A great option is a home filtration system like Waterboy Whole House Systems.