Staying Hydrated 10 Simple Ways

Staying Hydrated 10 Simple Ways

Staying Hydrated 10 Simple Ways

We all love a water break during sweaty workouts, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle it is important we focus on staying hydrated all day long.  A glass of water is the best known way to stay hydrated, although there are many other ways of staying hydrated throughout the day through food. Our bodies are made up of more than half water and every bodily function relies on it.

Watermelon Stay Hydrated

Eat It Up

According to the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations we should be eating 20% of our daily water intake.  Soup, yogurt and oatmeal are all great fluid-filled foods, but fruits and veggies can help stay hydrated.

1. Watermelon – Made up of 92% water.

2. Celery – Made up of 95% water.

3. Cucumbers – Made up of 96% water.

4. Strawberries – Made up of 92% water.

5. Lettuce – Made up of 96% water.

Drink It Down

Staying Hydrated Whole Water SystemMost beverages will help you stay hydrated, but there are 5 in particular that have some extra added benefits.

6. Fat-free or skim milk

7. Smoothies

8. Sports drinks

9. Coconut water

10. Coffee

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