Is Tap Water Ruining Your Skin?

Is Tap Water Ruining Your Skin?

Rachel Krause, a writer for, a beauty and lifestyle site, decided to try an interesting experiment. She washed her face with bottled water for one week to see if it would have any effect on her skin. Why in the world was she convinced that tap water was destroying her skin?

“There’s a ton of stuff that comes out of the faucet,” she wrote in an article about her experiment, “—including chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and minerals – that’s drying, irritating, and potentially damaging your skin.”

So, how did Rachel’s experiment go? After washing her face for seven days with bottled Evian water, she wrote, “My skin was so clear.” She noted that the result was similar to when she washed her face with mi-cellar waters and cream cleansers, which vanished the red bumps on her face, made her pores look smaller, and made her skin feel smoother.

The only downside of the bottled water experiment? Rachel’s house was filled with mini bottles of Evian, and the process was expensive and wasteful. Rachel’s solution? She recommends investing in a water filtration system!

It’s just one more reason to consider a full-home water filtration system for your California home.