Commercial Installations

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Commercial Installations

Superior Water has installed thousands of

WATERBOY systems residentially and has provided

many commercial water solutions for the following:

Condo/Apartment Buildings – Water filtration for drinking and bathing significantly reduces scale and corrosion in dishwashers and pipes.

Corporate Facilities – Eliminates mineral deposition on heaters, boilers, and cooling towers.

Restaurants – Eliminates lime scale on boilers and cooling towers, and significantly reduces spotting on glass and flatware.

Industrial Facilities – Eliminates the use of descaling agents and algaecides for boilers and cooling towers. Eliminates mineral deposition and increases energy efficiency.

Providing fresh, clean high-quality water for facilities like these enables us to continue to provide southern California with the best water filtration and conditioning systems.

Location Installs:

464 Prospect Condominiums

San Diego Ice Arena

Tortilla Factory Install

Tortilla Factory Commercial R.O

SDSU Medical Center

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