WATERBOY, The Superior Brand of Whole House Water Filtration Los Angeles

WATERBOY, The Superior Brand of Whole House Water Filtration Los Angeles

The following article is in the Coast News, in the Market Place News.  

By Conrad Rios

In this ever changing world, the need to conservation of resources has never been more important in our daily lives, especially those pertinent to maintaining life itself.  It is an understatement to say our need for quality water in every aspect of daily life is crucial to our existence.

Being that water is the most important resource, it’s important to understand the best way to manage our use of water and insuring affordability while maximizing quality for everyday use. As with many things, “quality” is often circumvented when it comes to “affordability”, but in the case of water, many wise consumers have discovered an incredible option that delivers the best of both worlds; a home or business water filtration and conditioning system.

The key word is “filtration” but it’s not as simple as choosing just any of the available systems – by no means do they perform alike.  “Our customers are very educated nowadays and they want an environmentally safe water solution that also protects the pipes in their homes, say Elaine Montemarano, general manager for Superior Water, WATERBOY’s parent company.  “Salt softeners are becoming obsolete because of the harmful chemicals that are put into our environment.

The WATERBOY is all natural and great for the plants and pets.  The WATERBOY provides fresh water the way it was meant to be while filtering out the unwanted impurities, both natural and man-made”  The exceptional process is what makes the WATERBOY unique and can be utilized in any setting; single -family households, multi-unit condominium complexes, or within any type of office or commercial facility.

The WATERBOY system begins by running incoming water through a three stage award-winning carbon filtration, internal sediment filter and bacteria static filter.  Once completely filtered, the water is conditioned through an industrial 4th stage module that truly sets the WATERBOY apart from the competition.  The WATERBOY has a reversing industrial fields module that conditions the water non-chemically by literally restructuring the realigning the polarity of the mineral molecules without removing them from the water, while descaling the existing limescale in the pipes.

The end result is a superior quality of water that tastes great, silkier on the skin and completely non-corrosive.  Clearly, the WATERBOY stands alone in delivering the best quality water affordably with  over 17,000 customers since 1997.

One testimonial from research scientist, Dr. Richard Weber, says it all:  “In studies I have made evaluation water systems, the one that closely simulates the Earth’s natural filtration process is the WATERBOY from Superior Water. In simple Language, it has a means of filtering out bad while sparing the good…In terms of product quality, the WATERBOY stands at the top”